A new short story, another website.


I’m pulling the switch on you. I’m moving the contents of this blog as well as all future postings over to newradiocomics.com. It makes little sense for me to maintain both sites.

I’ve just posted a new short story over there, probably my best so far. Please read it: www.newradiocomics.com/invocation

Also, if you’ve been following this blog via email and you want to continue to get updates in such a manner, please sign up for my book club: newradiocomics.com/jads-book-club

I’ll be sending out periodic updates through the book club email list notifying everyone of new stories, novels, comics, etc, as well as any discounts I might run, but I’ll probably limit the number of emails I send out over-all. (i.e. I won’t send an email every single time I publish a new blog post, but instead will send out an email every three or four months listing recent posts to date.)

Hopefully the new system facilitates an easier job of maintaining my online presence and a more enjoyable experience for my readers.

As always, thank you for following my work.