Dear Radical Readers,

I’m donating all money I make from my books from now until the end of February to CERSC. What is CERSC? They are the Center for Economic Research and Social Change. They are a wonderful publisher of left-wing political and economic texts both new and old. They are what Marx secretly dreamed about when he told Engels, “The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas.” CERSC smashes ruling ideas and gives voice to radical thinkers who breathe fresh air into the muck of our mainstream political discourse. Buy one of my books and the money goes to a publisher who dares to step away from the lies we’re told everywhere else. If you don’t like my books buy one of theirs!

Haymarket Books is their book publishing arm, and the International Socialist Review is their journal.


Damascus (Book One of The Syrian Revolution)


Ghazi is on the run. His latest ploy is a fumble—stealing from the royal vault while revolution brews in the king’s city. A small boy, he wonders where to flee as foreign armies arrive and diplomats and spies infiltrate the king’s court. Peasants have raised arms against the monarchy and Ghazi is trapped in the midst of it all. But far to the snowy mountains west is the promise of freedom and the lure of ancient, buried gold. Rich with adventure and deceit, with sorcery and murder, DAMASCUS is Jad Ziade’s debut novel and the first book of The Syrian Revolution.

“DAMASCUS is beautiful, hard-edged fantasy, shrewd politics, and action-packed scenes woven with fine prose. I can’t wait for the next one.”

–Farel Dalrymple,
Russ Manning Nominee; Author, The Wrenchies, Pop Gun War, IT WILL ALL HURT

Buy the book at

Poison the Cure


Three explorers find a planet littered with the remnants of old civilization. They peer into the past.

Nine friends strive against mortal violence, environmental destruction, and inevitable doom. They struggle in the present.

One story connects them.

This is Poison the Cure.

Follow the trail of a group of friends driven from their home and made to face a merciless and necessary decision in this four-part graphic-novel series hailed by creators, critics, and fans.

“POISON THE CURE is stunning. One of those comics that makes you want to pass it on to everybody, even those friends of yours who don’t read comics. Rowdy, hilarious, cruel, beautiful, highly original, and true.”

–Junot Diaz,
Pulitzer Prize Winner; Author, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Drown

Buy the book at


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